Fruits VS Vegetables

People used to have healthy food for their health and fitness. Foods and vegetables are the best healthy food and protein to take in. Today, we are going to discuss the comparison between fruits and vegetables. Following is the versus between fruit and vegetable.


Introduction: The word fruit has different meanings in different contexts. In botany, fruits are the ripened ovaries of flowering plants.
Must contain seed, either inside or on the outside (e.g. strawberry).
Mostly sweet, sometimes tart, with bitter seeds.
Low in fat and calories, high in fiber, often high in natural sugar.


The term vegetable generally means the edible parts of plants.
Vegetables do not contain seeds.
Not sweet or very subtly sweet. While each vegetable is distinct in taste, hardly any vegetable can be classified as sweet, sour, salty or bitter.
Low in fat and claories, high in fiber. Startchy vegetables like beet and potato are very high in sugar.


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